Female to Male Massage Center in Mumbai
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Female to Male Massage Services in Mumbai

Female to Male Body Massage in Mumbai

Female to Male Body Massage Mumbai

Body Massage Services in Mumbai

Body Massage Services Mumbai

Male to Female Body Massage in Mumbai

Male to Female Body Massage Mumbai

Female to Male Body Massage Center in Mumbai

We welcomes you to the world of Authentic Massage Service. Here you can benefit from traditional massage therapy and international massage therapy in a peaceful atmosphere. Female to Male Massage Center in Mumbai are offering different types of massages in Mumbai it relieve the stress and make body fresh. It is one of the best massage centers in Mumbai and we use many genuine herbal oils that improve immunity system and energy level of the body.

Let the mind and body unwind gently with our expert massage therapy. Using only the herbal oils and highly suitable techniques to massage your body's calms, soft tissues and soothes the nervous system of your body, causing muscles pain to relaxation and tension to drain away.

Female to Male Body Massage (Time 90mins): We provide Female to Male Body Massage services in Mumbai, we have outstanding and world-class therapist at our center in Mumbai providing excellent massage service to clients. We provides massage with their best massage practicioners.

Swedish Massage (Time 60mins / 90mins): Feel freshness from head to toe. Swedish massage improves your muscles and their work. Our professional therapist uses the best techniques to reduce your muscle soreness and stimulate circulation.

Hot Stone Massage (Time 90mins): This massage treatment involves slower to higher node of strokes by heated stones. Massage stones rub on your tired skin, muscles and relax your body and mind perfectly. Body Chakras Balancing whole body like neck, shoulder and back are massaged by a trained therapist with Hot Stones to remove muscular pain and balance the body.

Deep Tissue Massage (Time 60mins / 90mins): Deep Tissue Massage focuses on inner layers of the muscles, organs and tissue. Our therapist will use medium, higher strokes and techniques that will resolve inner muscles and tissues of the body. This massage therapy is especially helpful for those whose muscles chronically tensed such as neck, back, shoulder and lower pain. Blood circulation is increased easily and remove all toxins from the body.

Reflexology Massage (Time 30mins / 45mins): Reflexology Massage therapy is done on the feet and lower legs, putting medium and high pressure on the body energy lines. Pressure depends on treatment reduce pain and improve flexibility of muscles, as well as improve blood circulation to increase immunity system of the body. This therapy is also helping to boost the energy of the body.

Sports Therapy Massage (Time 60mins / 90mins): This is the perfect therapy for body muscles, a mix of different techniques which help to release tiredness and work with inner layers of the muscle which remove tension away from your body. This therapy good for athletes and many other people who participate in different sports. It helps to remove toxin and improve your circulation.

De-stress Massage (Time 60mins / 90mins): More stress on the muscles can harm knee, joints and painful tightening of the muscles. From this massage therapy maintains energy flow and concentrates on a long term relief of the problem and release your stress easily.

Chocolate Massage (Time 60mins / 90mins): This massage therapy improves your blood circulation, allowing your blood to naturally make your skin younger and heal your body skin. It also gives your skin a smoothness and help your internal body cells build collagen and elastin. We use 100% pure natural oils for this traditional massage therapy, which work into your skin to give it deep moisture.

Female to Male Massage in Mumbai is at its peak with the most exciting offers for their clients and making it the most affordable place to visit and experience world class facility like well maintained rooms with AC, WIFI Access, Clean & Green Spa and many more.

Female to Male Body Massage Mumbai

Body Massage Mumbai

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Body Massage Services Mumbai

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Body Massage Center Mumbai

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